About me

This ‘About Me’ is in fact about you. It’s about those of you who find themselves in my experiences, in my unceasing steps towards a meaningful life and a more beautiful world. About those who love what I love.

And I love…
Words. They are free, but their value is priceless. I write. And I write. And sometimes it seems to me that not even the seven languages that I speak (I’m a language freak, I know) are enough to express exactly what I feel. And when I read, the meaning of words, their story remains within me. Everlastingly. They help me shape my universe.
Photography. In fact, I love life. And photography is life. Through lenses.
The study of nutrition. I strongly believe that the way towards a healthy lifestyle is not hard to find. We just need a little bit of logic and a decent amount of common sense.
People. I live through them. You see, they shaped me into the person I am today.
And, above all, I love…
Wandering the world. Going to ‘never ever seen that before’. But also going back to places and faces that are now an ingrained part of me. Places that keep my mind and heart open.

If you find yourself even a little bit in these lines, I invite you to discover with me a wondrous world that is painted in our own colors.

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